So much to see on Whidbey Island!

This past weekend I headed up to Whidbey Island to explore some of the beaches. It’s like going to the Washington coast, but closer!  The weather forecast called for a break in the rain until mid afternoon, well except for the snow shower heading North on I-5, so I took advantage! The sun was out by the time I hit the Island.  I had to stop at Deception Pass just because it is so pretty. What started as a 15 minute stop quickly turned into a 90 minute stop!  I took some photos on the bridge. There was a light layer of fog covering the tops of the trees.  The water was a crazy bright green.  I ventured down the trail to a small beach.  There were a few seals playing just off the shore and tons of birds. I found a heron hiding behind some rocks and tried to get a closer photo but it flew off. I did find though a small white rock that someone has drawn a red heart on it!  There was a light dusting of snow on the logs that washed ashore and someone had stacked some rocks on the logs too.

I finally made it down to Coupeville.  Such a cute town.  I’m sure it is normally quieter but this weekend was the annual beer and mussels festival so it was pretty busy! I walked around Fort Ebey State Park to see the gun armors, then down to the beach. Although the sun was out, the wind coming off the water was a bit chilly!  A few big ships passed by so we saw some pretty  cool waves crashing against the beach.

I headed over to Ebey Landing and parked up by the cemetery. It was a nice hike down to the beach, only to find parking lot at the beach. Doh! The beach seems to go on as far as you can see in both directions. I even saw a guy flying in this machine that has a sail and is propelled by what looks like a fan. Not something you see on a beach everyday!  I tried to stay until sunset, but realized the sun was setting a bit too far off to the side so I headed home. The ferry ride out of Clinton was beautiful.  The mountains looked amazing. Backlit with a bit of a colored sky and clouds hovering over the peaks.

We had such a great time, we are headed back next weekend to visit Fort Casey and Langley!

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