Whidbey Island part two! Fort Casey

I ran out of time last weekend when I went touring Whidbey Island so I had to go back!  I have not been to Fort Casey since I was a kid visiting my Great-Aunt who lived in Greenbank.  Although it was a bit windy, the rain stopped so we could stay dry.  I took my daughter and her friend so they could see the old military site.  We climbed through the  tunnels, which are in complete darkness!  Not good for people with a creative mind who envision people or monsters hiding down there!  Thank god for iPhone lights!  We also went up the lighthouse, with a tight spiral staircase to climb.  I took a photo from the top of the staircase, but didn’t pay enough attention to my focal point so the bottom of the staircase is out of focus.  Bummer!

Heading out we saw a few guys out kite surfing.  The wind was perfect for the inlet they were riding at.  They streaked across the water, then with a pull of their kite strings they flew about 20 feet into the air.  I have to admit it sure looks like a lot of fun!

As the sun started to set we headed up to Deception Pass to see if the “love rock” was still there. It wasn’t:( but we were treated with a pretty nice sunset to remind us that Spring in Washington is on its way!!  Can’t wait to hike with the wildflowers in bloom and spend some time on the boat this summer!

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