Sunrise Hike to Rattlesnake Ledge

I was feeling pretty good after a rare successful evening at a local casino so I had the idea of an early morning hike to see a beautiful PNW sunrise from atop of mountain. It sounded like a great idea until my alarm went off at 4:30 am. Suddenly that idea didn’t sound quite as good.   I had a friend hiking with me so I had to drag myself out of bed to get ready!

We headed out and arrived at the trailhead at 6 am. The WTA review said it was a 2 mile “easy” hike. Sunrise was scheduled for 7:11 so we would have enough time for our leisurely “easy” hike. It is only March so it was still dark. The headlamp was a necessity to see the trail in the forest. We headed out and quickly realized there is a decent 1200 foot elevation gain over the next 1.9 miles. About 3/4 of the hike up was in the dark. I have to admit it’s kind of spooky hiking in a forest with only a headlamp!  This is a pretty busy trail so we saw lots of people headed up with us. 

We arrived at before 7 am and there were already about 10 people there awaiting the sunrise. There was a noticeable temperature drop on top with a slight brisk breeze blowing.   It was a pretty sunrise although I bet it is really spectacular in the summer!  The snow capped mountains were beautifully offset by he robin egg blue sky. My friend Tami took a super cool photo of me at the top. Might have to frame that one!
After about 45 minutes we headed back down. So much easier to see in daylight!  The walk downhill was so much quicker!  We passed a steady stream of hikers headed up. I can imagine how busy this trail is in the summer. We even saw a couple rubbing it in by running up to the top and back down😳. 

Another fun trail to check off!

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