Trekking out Boulder River

I’ve seen this hike on a few times and what caught my attention was the photos of a waterfall. I seem to chase great waterfall hikes and this one lived up to the photos!!  The hike is posted at 8.6 miles round trip through the forest, along the river back, and up along the hillside overlooking the river. The forest is covered with so many varieties and color of moss covering the ground and the trees. This must be an old growth forest. Many of the trees seemed to reach up to the clouds and were well over 6 feet in diameter. One of these large trees had fallen and was blocking the trail. Three great guys from Back Country Crosscut Crew were sawing it to clear the trail. Sawing it with old school large hand saws!  Awesome guys!!  The  trail is well marked, with lots of thick mud and several stream crossings. With all the rain we’ve had lately the water was just running out of the hillsides. Along the trail you get to see 3 large waterfalls and a number of small ones. The large falls are gorgeous. Heavy flows of water cascade down the rocks to the river. The trail has a few hill climbs and descents but the forest is so peaceful we didn’t mind.   

We did run across a ferocious field mouse who challenged us on the trail. He bravely stood his ground then in a split second charged me. I was able to quickly maneuver out of his way so he ran past us and down the trail. Thank god!!  I don’t like mice so I was glad we were able to part companynwith no injuries or screaming for that matter!😳

At 5 miles we decided to turn around as the trail was getting very narrow and overgrown. Not exactly sure where the end was but another hiker told us we got close as the trial end in an old campground. Round trip the hike was about 10 miles for us. Nice sunny day to end March. Spring is on it’s way!!🌷🌷

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