Hiking to Poo Poo Point

I tried to do this hike last weekend, however apparently I decided to sleep in instead!  Sometimes it’s the best thing to do! The weather today was spectacular so I headed to the trail.  Parking at the trailhead is difficult! Nowhere near enough parking for the amount of people who hike this trail.  I found a neighbor down the road who has a good side business!  He allows you to park on his property for $5! Heck of a deal!

This trail is just under 4 miles roundtrip and has a nice elevation gain of 1760 feet. The trail weaves through the forest with plenty of switchbacks!  Although it is only a couple miles to the top, the elevation gain is a good thigh burn!  It took me an hour to get to the first viewpoint, which certainly made the sweat worthwhile!!  It was a clear day and Mt. Rainier was out in all her glory!  The sight of that mountain, no matter how many times I’ve seen it just makes me say WOW!  It was pretty windy today so we didn’t see any hang gliders.  I bet that would be pretty cool to see from up there.  The first viewpoint is a great place for lunch and taking photos!!  After lounging her awhile, we headed up to the upper viewpoint, which shows the opposite direction.  You can see parts of Bellevue and off in the distance Mt. Baker!  There are a few lunch tables up there so people were eating lunch there too.  A nice area for a takeoff spot for hang gliders too.

The trip down was much less taxing on the thighs but still a good workout for the day!  This is a very busy trail.  We saw about 40 people on the way up and well over 100 on the way down!  Good reminder for everyone to use proper trail etiquette when trails are busy so everyone has a good time enjoying the outdoors and no one gets hurt on the steep ledges.

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