Having some fun with this one!  (It’s corny, I know!)

Oh, my, God Tami, look at Mailbox Peak
It is so big, it looks like
One of those….thigh killing climbs
But, ya know, who’s not….like intimidated?
We only hike these to check off our bucket list
I mean, that peak, it is SO high
I can’t believe it didn’t end after that boulder field
I mean,shit,……LOOK
That flag is WAY up there!


I like big hikes and I cannot lie
You other hikers can’t deny
That when trip reports are written
And someone says their legs been killin’
You get……Ready,….Want to call your friends
Cause you know this hike is tough
Deep in the forest we go,
We’re climbing and perspiring
Oh baby, I want to see that mailbox
And take its picture
Other hikers tried to warn me
But with that view you got
OOOH……Rainier in all its glory


So hikers (yeah), hikers (yeah)
Did you pack extra water? (Hell no!)
You should have packed it, packed it
Packed ALL that extra water

Mailbox got steep

Mailbox got HOT

Yeah, Mailbox when it comes to hiking

Elevation ain’t got nothing
To do with my decision
Four Thousand-Eight Hundred-Twenty-Two
And it’s only 5 miles each way

Mailbox got steep!

Mailbox got beat!


So decided to hike mailbox peak over Memorial Day weekend.  It was about 85 degrees, which is a bit much for this 11.5 mile roundtrip hike with 4,000 foot elevation climb.  We took the old trail up which is about 4.5 miles.  It steadily climbs the entire way.  No breaks.  The forest is not very attractive as it isn’t green, it’s just tree trunks and dead wood.  Once you emerge from the forest you get to see Mt. Rainier and the Cascade mountains which are always breathtaking.  The climb takes you through a large boulder field which is stair steps up a very steep incline!  You’d think that would be the top, but no. The flag is on the next peak, which is a similar looking incline. The last nearly half mile is pretty straight up and the thighs are burning!!  it seriously felt like we were never going to reach the top, but we did. Along with a ton of other hikers!!  We are able to take the mandatory picture with the mailbox and leave behind a trinket.  The views were AMAZING!!  Mt Rainier was spectacular as usual!  The beautiful blue sky created a great backdrop for the white capped mountains.  The view made you forget how hard that hike was!  We decided hike down  the new trail as it’s easier on the knees.  It’s around 6.5 miles back to the parking lot.  It sure felt closer to 10 miles!!

Mailbox Peak was a bucket list hike!  I think we can say we are bad ass now!  Not sure I will do it again but you never know!

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