Glamping at Crescent Beach

I traded in tent camping a long time ago!  I prefer the luxury of sleeping in a real bed, cozy warm, particularly when it rains!  We still spend most of our time outside and I cook outside, but seeking refuge at night inside is okay with me(and my back problems prevent me from sleeping on the ground)!

Finding some camping time the last couple years has been a bit challenging with Kylie’s soccer tournament schedule.  We had a weekend off during vacation time so we headed to the beach!!  There is something about the water for me.  It speaks to my soul in the most clarity.  I grew up around water and we took weeks long boating trips so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I love the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing on the sand.  We lucked out this time and had pretty spectacular weather!  There always is a slight breeze on the coast but that was about all.  We were even blessed with two days of minus tides so we were able to do some extra exploring!

We tried out a new place this time.  It’s a private park with its own 2 miles of beach, with only 34 sites!  Great for relaxing as there isn’t much else out there besides the beach.  We arrived and got all settled in and decided to go check out the beach!  Pure blissful sand!  The kind of sand you only walk barefoot on!!  There was a cool rock formation off to the side that became an island at low tide, but other than that, it was just water and sand!  The dogs were in heaven as there weren’t many people there so they could run and run and run.  With the beach being 2 miles long, I was able to walk it several times a day and got in over 12 miles of walking each day!

The first night was a  bit cloudy but I still went out to take some photos.  The wind calmed down in the late evening so it was pretty peaceful on the beach.  Just me and a couple other shutterbugs!  The kids were wore out from all the fresh air and running on the beach, so they both crashed and slept like logs! In the morning there was a minus tide so it was at least 50 feet out further than high tide. We looked for sand dollars and other marine life but didn’t find much.  We were able to walk out on this rock jetty that looked like lava rock. It was covered in mussels.  I mean COVERED.  Tens of thousands of them!  Biggest mussels I’ve even seen.  When the tide is in, almost the entire jetty is under water so I bet the seals and sea lions have a great feast!

The second night there wasn’t hardly a cloud in the sky and the sunset was spectacular!  My daughter wanted some new Instagram silhouette photos so she came out with me. The sky was blue with a few whispering clouds, and a golden sunset.  Great colors for photography except that I forgot to wipe off the dried sea spray from the lens, so I have some ghosting. Grrr!  Got some decent photos of her though.

It’s fun the spend time with the kids without all their normal distractions.  Sit around the fire and just chat and laugh.  Just acting like kids!  It puts a smile on my face and warms my heart to see them laughing and joking with each other.  They get such little down time together, it was good for both of them.  It’s important to set memories family memories they will carry forever.  They are both teenagers now so only two more years until Myah graduates from high school and then Kylie enters her last 2 years of high school.  Time sure flies.  Myah turns 16 in a couple weeks.  Doesn’t seem that long ago that she was just a little kid!  It’s so easy to get caught up in other distractions and totally miss out on your kids lives, so I’ve made a very conscious effort to be very present in their lives.  They are only young once and are out on their own before you know it!

We had two nicely spaced trees behind our RV so we were able to hang the hammock and have some relaxation.  I think the kids laid in it more than I did, but when I did after dark I realized we had a full view of the full moon in the valley.  Bonus!  That was so pretty!  I swear I took 40 photos but none of them turned out! I need to take a class on night photography! I’ll add that to the retirement list!

Four days later and we are home and unpacked.  Time to relax and do laundry! Lots of laundry!!


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