Trail of Ten Falls in Oregon

I ventured down to Oregon over the weekend as my daughter was playing in the Adidas Beaverton Cup soccer tournament. I left a bit early, okay in the middle of the night, to catch sunrise at Mt Rainier. Unfortunately I was about 30 minutes late for that but I still managed to stop at Reflection Lake. You have to get here either first thing in the morning or at sunset to get a calm lake. The water truly was like a mirror. The skies deep blue with wispy clouds rolling by. This is one of my favorite spots to photograph. In the right conditions you can get some spectacular photos. I met a really nice older couple who were up from Portland. They were pretty chatty so we had some good conversation and laughed quite a bit!  I always love it when you run into friendly people!!

After Mt Rainier I headed done to Silver Falls Stare Park. I’ve read quite a bit about the Trail of Ten Falls. The trail is about 8 miles meandering through he forest and has Ten separate waterfalls throughout. Although it was a pretty warm day I was hoping for some shady conditions in the forest. Not so much!  This is a very crowded park and trail. I managed to see 9 out of the 10 waterfalls. Of the 9 I would say 4 were pretty cool. The rest were either obstructed or had such a small water flow that I’m not sure waterfall would be the right word to describe them. All in all it was worth the trip. Swear off a few pounds on that one. I apparently walked the trail the wrong way so I was headed uphill most of the time including a very long set of switchbacks and stairs!!

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