So much history behind the Monte Cristo Ghost Town

      This hike has been on the bucket list for some time and I bet we’ve had it planned for the past month. There is something about ghost towns that draw my attention. To walk on the same path of settlers, miners or timber workers from the 1800’s is pretty awe inspiring. I took our group a couple hours to walk the nearly five miles to the homestead. When we see the old railroad ties, saw blades, and the still operational train turnstyle it truly makes you appreciate the hard work and I mean hard labor all these individuals engaged in daily to not only get to Monte Cristo but to build and live. Several buildings still stand and have small plaques giving you the history of the building. 

      In modern days Monte Cristo is well out of the populated areas and doesn’t have of today’s “necessities” however back in the day Monte Cristo was a thriving tourist town with dozens of houses/cabins and a hotel. The train brought in goods and people and exported lumber and minerals.  If only you could hear the history theough whispers in the wind. What stories they would tell!

      This is a nice wide trail that really is road size. We say a couple washouts along with way but nothing too bad. We even got to cross a river by walking on a downed tree over the river. Not bad in the summer but it could be a little more dicey in winter/spring with a raging river.  We were a fairly large group of 8 today. All general hikers and one bad ass carrying a 45 pound pack getting ready for a 10 day hike at Mt Rainier!  Weather was good, not too hot but the smoke from the BC fires is still visible. It didn’t diminish the beautiful scenery though!  Wildflowers are out and we even spotted a frog or toad. I don’t know how to tell the differencešŸ˜¬. 

      We tried a new spot on the way home too. Dreasnought Brewery serves some pretty good food and some nice refreshing beverages!

      Another great day on the trails today!  Until next time!

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