Beckler Peak in Skykomish 

There are a few gems out Highway 2 around Skykomish. I’m pretty sure I saw a WTA trip report that showed some pretty spectacular 350 views from the top. I kind of have a rule about choosing hikes. I love the outdoors so really anytime outside is my idea of a good time but when it comes to hiking I want a reward. That can be an amazing waterfall, spectacular views, colorful flowers or leaves or wildlife!  Over the summer I became addicted to Alpine Lakes. The water color is just something you won’t forget. 

However now Fall has arrived and I do love maple leaves that are turning yellow, orange and red!  The colors can overtake a hillside and make it look like a painting. 

Todd and I headed out to the trail. I missed the trail sign along the highway so we had a make a short turn around. Oops!  

We were the second car in the lot and in typical Seattle fashion it was raining!  In Washington you have to be okay with hiking in the rain because they is about 8 months of our year. It’s not hard rain so really it’s not a big deal. 

This trail meanders through the forest for pretty much the entire trail. There are a couple spots where you get a clearing and can see across the valley. Well you could see across the valley if the ceiling wasn’t so low!  We were only able to get spectacular views of clouds!  We did get to see some nice Fall colors though!  A few scattered maples were very colorful and stood out next to the lush green of the firs. We saw the remnants of an old forest fire. Charred remains with ground cover that had already regenerated. The power of nature!

The top has some nice stairs that I bet a WTA work crew made!  You can stand on top of a huge granite rock and bet that view is amazing!  Again we just saw clouds but we also had a snow shower!

This is definitely a hike hat is worth coming back when the skies are blue!  I want to see the view!!

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