Mt Pilchuck Lookout

We have some great lookout hikes here in Washington. Our weather over the last couple weeks has been crazy hot. Multiple days of mid 90’s is about enough to drive all of us Washingtonians crazy!! With the fabulous weather I thought it would be fun to do a sunset hike to the lookout. One we could beat the heat and only have low 80’s to hike through. Second, these lookouts have fantastic 360 views. On a clear day you can see all the snow capped mountains.

Well, the best intentions just didn’t quite work out for us! Out of nowhere a marine push came in which brought mid 60’s weather and clouds! We decided to head up anyways knowing we probably wouldn’t have much of a view.

The trail is in great condition and easy to follow. The beginning of the hike winds you through the forest. Trail crews have done a lot of work building steps and lining pathways. As you gain elevation you move out of the forest and into the rocks. There are a few spots on the way up that provide, on a clear day, great views across the valley. We were able to see a bit of a view at one clearing then we headed into the most of a low ceiling.

The last section up to the lookout is big boulders that you have to climb over. Easier going up than coming down. The lookout has a metal ladder you climb to get up to it. The wind was starting to pick up and you could hear it howling through the lookout. We walked around the lookout and were able to see down but the clouds prevented us from seeing more than about 40 feet.

We made it almost halfway down before we were in the dark. Headlamps were awesome and the trial was easy to follow. The only downside of headlamps though were the bats!! The were buzzing my face repeatedly. You couldn’t see them until the last second.

We managed to make it back to the parking lot and head back to the highway on a dirt road with so many large holes!! Very rough road!!

My hiking partner is a bee keeper so she gave me a jar of honey. So nice!!

All in all a great hike.

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