What a winter wonderland

I’ve been a little house bound the last few weeks so I’ve missed my hiking time. I can totally notice the difference in how I feel mentally and physically when I hike. It completely clears my mind and obviously released lots of happy endorphins! Just stepping outside instantly calms the mind.

I saw some amazing pictures of Skyline Lake yesterday so I thought that would be a good snowshoe experience close to home. I headed out around 9 am and I could see once I cleared the valley fog that there was amazing blue skies at the pass. The roads were nice and clear so it was an easy drive.

As soon as I parked I could see how deep the snow was along the trail. That made me smile!! It was so white and fluffy. The trail was compacted but so smooth. That is grr absolute best conditions in which to snowshoe! Skyline Lake is not a long snowshoe but it’s a steady incline. My lungs quickly reminded me I need to get in better shape! I did manage to make it to the lake in an hour which I was very happy with! The views on the way up were amazing. I love pure white snow with a backdrop of deep blue skies. This is such a pretty state! I catch myself saying “wow” all the “time! As we climbed up the mountain you could see the moody skies moving in. It wasn’t a rain sky but the cloud layer had darker tones. In the distance you could see pockets of blue sky framing the nearby peaks.

The lake is frozen and covered in fluffy snow. There was a clear path across the lake from people snowshoeing. I completely chickened our walking across it! You remember on my last hike I fell for really no reason and split my face open, ending up with a lovely black eye! I figured falling through the ice into a freezing lake wouldn’t be a good idea! I walked around the lake. Ive always wanted to go beyond the lake and up to the ridge but never have. Well today I went up to the ridge and it was totally with it! The snow on the boulders was several feet deep. It was incredible! I really need to find a quality camera that is compact as my iPhone just doesn’t do the scenery justice!

I ate lunch at the top and ran into Lee Jacobson! I didn’t have on my ugly Xmas sweater so I was in disguise! I also ran into a really nice couple who travel quite a bit. She is a mystery novel writer for amazon kindle. She has a word press too so we exchanged websites. Can’t wait to read about her adventures!

It was a bit chilly at the top so I headed back down. Over the few hours I was there I bet I saw at least 50 split boards. They are obviously super common! I only saw them going up so they must take a different route down. It looks intriguing so I may have to try that sometime! One guy said it’s easier than snowshoeing. Interesting! Worth a try!!

Today was hike #1 for the 52 hike challenge for 2019! Great way to start off the year!!

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