Dirty Harry’s Peak

We had a beautiful spring day in Washington. Late March and the 70 degree weather can’t be beat! We headed out to Dirty Harry’s Peak which is out close to Snoqualmie Pass along I-90. We decided to head there due to the views and climb being similar to Mt Si but without all the crowds. We arrived about 10 and the lot was already full so we parked close to the highway exit.

The trail wanders through the forest for the first mile and a half. At this point you come to the turn for Dirty Harry’s Balcony, which is pretty popular. It looked like most of the hikers went to this spot instead of heading up to the peak.

The trail to the peak was clear until about halfway then snow covered the trail to the top. The trail was easy to follow and microspikes were very helpful! The downside of the trail is it’s in the middle of the woods and goes straight up! The trees are so tall that there really isn’t much of a view along the way. Occasionally a beak a boo view would pop up but they are short lived.

This trail is notorious for the elevation climb. It’s a good leg workout for sure! At times, well honestly pretty much the whole way, the trail never seems to end! It’s seriously just straight up! Not even any switchbacks!

Once at the top the last 500 yards or so walk along the ridge line before you come to a spot where everyone sits. Mt Rainier is off in the distance. The ridges around the peak are all snowcapped. The sky was a deep blue. We have the most beautiful scenery here in Washington! The views seriously make you forget how bad your legs were hurting on the way up!

After about 45 minutes at the peak we decided to head down. The sun was out so the snow was getting pretty mushy. People without microspikes were slipping and falling. Even with microspikes it was a bit slippery. The decline is steep enough it was kinda rough on the knees after a couple miles. The last mile seemed to take forever but we finally make it back to the car. Sometimes the best sight ever is the car! Just knowing you can take your boots off and sit down is an amazing feeling!

Nice hike! Great workout!

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