Oyster Dome, the Colchuck Lake of Bellingham?? Maybe on a clear day!

After 3 months of quarantine, I was in serious need of some outdoor time. We, like many others, have had some really strict restrictions due to Covid. I’ve tried to stay active and am pretty proud of myself that I have not gained any weight! Running around the neighborhood and paddle boarding is not the same.

Bellingham is part of what we call the “banana belt” in Washington. Although it can at times have more snow or higher winds, it is generally known for having nicer weather up north. We’ve had some unusual weather lately with lots of rain. I mean LOTS of rain! Although the forecast wasn’t great it was better up in Bellingham so as they say any day in the outdoors in a good day!

I headed out early and hit a pretty consistent rain storm through Mt. Vernon. From there the rain stopped, but it was obvious the cloud cover was going to be pretty low. I made it to the parking lot and there were only three other cars there. That never happens on a weekend! The wind was a bit breezy but nothing too dramatic. At the trailhead you can head in different directions. One trail is Oyster Dome and the other way goes to Lily and Lizard Lakes, then around to Oyster Dome. Lily and Lizard Lakes adds two miles to the trip.

Fresh air and only the sounds of nature and the perfect redeem for quarantine blues. The birds were singing. Small creeks and waterfalls were everywhere. A few flowers were exposed, but generally it was just big trees and moss covered rocks. Perfect!

Oyster Dome trail winds through the forest for the whole trail. It really is a beautiful trail. The forest is really green and lush right now. The trail is in great condition, with no rocks or roots exposed. Everything is still super wet so you have to watch your step so you don’t slip and fall. I only saw three people on the trail on the way up. At the top, on a clear day, the view is spectacular. Well, on my trip it was pretty much like looking directly into a cotton ball! No visibility whatsoever! I have to admit it made me laugh. I’ve always heard about the view but clearly I’ll have to come back another day for it.

It was really windy at the top, so I didn’t stay long. On the way down I passed at least 30 people on the way up! You could tell the clouds were starting to clear so probably an hour or so after I left there probably was the usual sweeping views of the San Juan Islands. I settled for the view from the lower level where the paraglider normally take off.

As I said, any day in the outdoors in a great day!

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