Oyster Dome again (with view!)

Well since my last experience with oyster dome didn’t come with the famous sweeping views of the San Juan Islands, I had to go back.

This time I brought my 16 year old daughter and she needed some fresh air and time out of the house! We decided to make a weekend of it so we stayed in a hotel for some new scenery! Oh course with a little extra time she managed to get some thrift store shopping in!

We woke up Monday to a slight breeze but it was clear we were going to have blue skies! Woohoo!! My kiddo has been on a couple hikes with me but not many. Now that she is older I think she may enjoy it better. We arrived at the trailhead around 10:30 and headed out. She was quickly taken by how quiet it is and commented how much she likes to hike and would like to do it more. Yay! It was a good hike for her. Difficult but manageable.

We arrived at the top and quickly saw the spectacular view that was missing last time. Surprisingly there were only a few people at the top so we were able to find a good spot, with appropriate social distancing. A couple guys showed up and were taking some crazy photos hanging off the ledge! I was pretty sure we were going to watch one of them fall to their death. Air Jordan’s aren’t the best hiking shoes! Thankfully nothing bad happened!

We had a little snack and took the usual set of photos and headed back. There was a steady stream of people we passed who were on their way up. We had the perfect time there with just a couple other people. Pretty sure I can get her out on another hike now!

Back at the trailhead we saw about six people getting all setup to paraglide. This is one of the cool spots about this trail. I imagine it must feel pretty amazing to glide like that but I’ll settle for just watching!

We stopped for burgers on our way home. The hostess thought about sitting us in the bar, then casually asked my daughter if she was over 21. She laughed a little and said not quite. I laughed a little and said slow your roll kiddo! 16 is not close to 21!

Once we finished eating, she regained her energy to continue thrift shopping before we headed home! Life of a teenager!!

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