Bridal Veil Falls looked closer to Niagara Falls!

We finished our goal hike of Mailbox Peak on Sept 10 so on the 19th we decided to head to a waterfall hike. Donna always like a waterfall and Bridal Veil is a pretty waterfall.

The weather was pretty rough a few days before our hike, so I wasn’t quite sure what that would do to the trail as it is in a forest and can have some fairly significant trail pooling. It was a bit chilly when we started out but not too bad and no rain!

The trail was actually in pretty good condition. We had some water going up the stairs, where it was pooling and filling the steps. The trails were covered with nice fall cover. The large maple leaves were covered with orange, red and yellow leaves. As we got closer to the falls, you could hear the water flow. Not the sound of a normal waterfall. It was the sound of a raging waterfall! All of a sudden it felt like we were in the middle of a rainstorm. We were getting soaked but it wasn’t raining! The waterfall was flowing so heavily it was creating significant wind which was blowing the water outside of the waterfall. We needed wetsuits! I’ve never seen that much water flowing down Bridal Veil! It was equally impressive and crazy! My friend, who loves waterfalls, was quite impressed! Not sure I will be able to top that for any future waterfall hikes!

Once we were sufficiently soaked at the falls, we walked partway back down the trail and took the trail that heads up to Lake Serene. I knew we wouldn’t be going to Lake Serene as there are thousands of stairs and switchbacks. Okay, maybe not thousands but its close!! A short ways down this trail there is a bridge which allows you to see the entire falls at Bridal Veil. It’s actually in two sections that you can’t see from the top. The rain had been so heavy a few days before, that we were actually treated to two additional smaller waterfalls just down the trail. I think I have filled her waterfall hiking bucket!

By the time we headed back to the car, it had just started raining. Perfect timing!

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