A quick snowshoe at Mt. Rainier

We closed out November with a quick snowshoe at Mt Rainier. After all these months of quarantine outdoor activities are the only constant we’ve been able to do. You have to get out of the house so you don’t lose you mind. The outdoors, in general, are a sanctuary for many, me included. The fresh air and peace just help to cleanse away all the stresses of the world

Mt. Rainier any day is gorgeous. We are so lucky to have that mountain in our backyard. There are multiple entrances to the National Park so depending on which hike you want to do, you are on a different side of Mt. Rainier. This time of year all the entrances are closed except Longmire which takes you up to Paradise. It’s called Paradise for a reason! From Paradise you can take the normal trails up Skyline or you can head out on a dedicated cross country skiing and snowshoeing road. It’s pretty flat so its a good spot for new snowshoers. I took my friend there for her first snowshoe. Unfortunately we did not have fresh snow so the trail was pretty crunchy. Honestly we could have walked the trail in spikes. To change is up, I took her off trail and into the forest. The snow was much deeper in the forest and was a little hilly. The short hills were a little challenging for her but she kept going.

We found a nice spot up on a hill for some lunch. You could see across the valley and Mt. Rainier was behind us. It was such a pretty day and for a weekend it wasn’t very crowded. Not sure how that happened!

I definitely want to go back and snowshoe up Skyline. On a clear day you have views of Mt. St Helens, Mt. Adams and Mt. Hood. It’s high enough that you can be above the clouds which is pretty cool.

One of my favorite parts of snowshoeing is I carry my JetBoil with me so when we have lunch we can have a hot beverage as well! Takes the edge off on a chilly day!

Any day on the trail is a great day!

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