Lake Valhalla for some snow!

I’ve managed to get behind on my blog again so here I am writing a few posts to get caught up! AGAIN!

We happened to get some nice early snow this year so I took a friend out for her first snow hike. It was nice fluffy snow but not too much that we needed snowshoes. Lake Valhalla is one of my favorite snow hikes. It’s not too long of a trail and their are really nice views along the way. After the first good snowfall, there is an easy boot path to follow up to the PCT and ultimately down to the lake. We had a nice sunny Fall day with fresh snow so it was the perfect day for this hike. This was my friend’s first snow hike so I didn’t want to pick one that would discourage her from future snow hikes.

Even though this hike starts really close to Highway 2, its surprising how quiet it is. You can’t hear the traffic on the highway. It’s just silence. That’s one of my favorite parts of snow hiking. Even though I hike year around, winter hiking is special. In she summer you hear the sounds of birds and a lot more people on the trails. In the winter there is much more solitude and stillness. The air is crisp. You only occasionally see other people. There are less birds but they try to steal your food more!

Sometimes it is a bit windy at the lake which chills the temperature pretty quick! We saw two guys that were camping at the lake. They looked so cold! Not really sure what they were thinking. It was less than 32 degrees and is dark from 4:30 pm until 8 AM. I would imagine is would be around 20 at night. Fires are not allowed at the lake so not sure how they kept warm. The one male was coming down to the lake to get some water to filter. He said his boots were still frozen. Judging by the time of day they had camped their the previous night and were planning to stay another night. Not my idea of a good time!

We only saw three other people on the way out to the lake, but on the way back we passed about twenty! Good thing we went early!

This is one hike I really want to do in the summer. I bet it is a great camping spot in the summer!

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